CIPHER Webinar Series: Healthcare Salute Showcase (Full Webinar)

In February 2024, CIPHER hosted a webinar focusing on the challenges of the healthcare community during COVID-19 and the future changes that must occur. Representing the Healthcare Salute team, Dr. Margaret Mckinnon shared her insights into the project. If you missed this session and would like to learn more you can watch the full-length presentation here.

Implementing the STEADY Wellness Program to Support Healthcare Workers throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

This brief report describes implementation of the STEADY program and identified the importance of more frequent,
shorter contact with HCWs that occurred in-person, with an emphasis on peer support. A
flexible approach with strong support from hospital leadership were key facilitators. Findings
suggest that a flexible approach to practical program implementation, theoretically underpinned in
best-practices, can result in an acceptable program that promotes increased HCW wellbeing during
a pandemic.

STEADY – Supporting Each Other

The STEADY staff wellness program was developed based on the available literature and input from stakeholders, guided by the Knowledge-to-Action (KTA) Implementation Science Framework. This infographic provides guidance to support staff through difficult situations by specifically outlining strategies to try and those to avoid.

Revel – Improving healthcare well-being

Revel has developed a comprehensive framework, A Brief Guide for Health Care Organizations: How to Support a Flourishing Health Care Workforce, which
serves as the cornerstone of their work. On this foundation, Revel has created the Revel Method—an innovative implementation approach that addresses
workplace wellbeing, burnout, and demoralization through engaging and empowering strategies. To support this method, Revel has developed the Revel Toolkit, a comprehensive set of resources for all levels of a health care organization, including organizational, leadership, team and individual tools.