Advancing Peer Support Programming to Address PTSD and Trauma Among Canadian Public Safety Personnel and Veterans

The Advancing Peer Support Program provides a coordinated national approach to progress peer support for public safety personnel (PSP), enable evidence-based improvements and standardization, and ultimately establish independent, nationally recognized accreditation for peer supporters. 

Three streams of research make up the Advancing Peer Support Program. Although each group has a unique focus, they are all dedicated to improving peer support and mental health services for Canadian PSP. 

Stream 1 - National Peer Support Community Network (PSCN)

The purpose of PSCN is to establish a Peer Support Community Network and bring together peer support leaders who are dedicated to advancing best practices for peer support for Canadian PSP.

Stream 2 - OnCall Peer Support Mobile-Health Apps

This project focuses on advancing the PeerOnCall and PeerOnCall Support mobile health apps, facilitating peer support for PSP such as firefighters, paramedics, correctional workers, and public safety communicators. 

Stream 3 - Online Repository of Mental Health Services for PSP and Veterans

Stream 3 focused on enhancing an online repository for mental health resources designed specifically for PSP. In March 2023, Advancing Peer Support: Stream 3 concluded when their objectives were met.