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Healthcare Workers and Burnout: Causes of Burnout

Learn about the unique organizational, situational, and individual risk factors that can cause burnout among Healthcare Workers.

Best Practice Approaches to Staff and Physician Support

Understand and refine your employee assistance program to ensure you’ve chosen the best offering for your institution.

Asset Mapping Process Overview

Review the mental wellbeing resources you offer your staff and physicians to create a central and easy-to-access repository.

Dual Continuum of Mental Wellbeing

Refining the way we assess, define and discuss mental health to remove stigmas and create open conversations.

Revel Method

Our whole-of-organization empathetic engagement model for health care institutions to improve wellbeing.

Brief Guide for Health Care Organizations

Foundational framework based on extensive research on how to support a flourishing health care workforce.

Guided Overview

A summary of all resources, tools and materials created to support Revel.

The Impact of Prolonged Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use on Canadian Health Professionals

Click to learn more about how the prolonged use of Personal Protective Equipment impacts a sample of Canadian Health Professionals. Considerations are given to pressure-related sores, skin irritations, and the negative mental health impacts of prolonged PPE use. Practical recommendations are also provided for health professionals, organisational leadership, and manufacturers of PPE.

Peer Support – PSP Mental Health

Access mental health resources designed for first responders and other public safety personnel

COVID-19 and Healthcare Providers’ Mental Health

Mobile Health Apps for Military Members & Public Safety Personnel: Can an App Help Build Resilience?

PSPNet Families: Supports and Research for Families of Public Safety Personnel

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