Advancing E-mental Health Solutions To Support Healthcare Workers

The Beyond Silence project will advance and test an innovative new e-mental health app for healthcare workers designed to reduce barriers to accessing mental health information and support, and provide real-time access to confidential, quality peer support.

An Introduction to Beyond Silence

Get an introduction to Beyond Silence from Sandra Moll, Principal Investigator.


Lessons Learned

“There are many, many healthcare workers struggling, and we’re trying to think about tools to be able to help them to get the supports that they need in a timely way.”

Hear from Sandra Moll and Sheila Addanki about the lessons that Beyond Silence learned.

Beyond Silence Events

Peer Support Recruitment Poster

Peer Support for Healthcare Workers

Our Impacts and Milestones

As of March 2023

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Project Team

Sandra Moll, Principal Investigator

Melissa Parker, Research Coordinator

Sheila Addanki, Research Assistant; PhD Student

Saleha Ansari, Research Assistant

Lindsay Crocco, Research Assistant

Ami Patel, Research Assistant